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A professionally staged home makes all
the difference in today's market!
A professionally staged home makes all
the difference in today's market!
"Davina Hughes is the premier choice for home staging in Hampton Roads."
"Davina Hughes is the premier choice for home staging in Hampton Roads."
Davina Hughes Staging & Design Simplified

Davina’s real-estate experience gives her an unquestionable advantage over other staging providers. She performs buyer demographic research on every listing to ensure the best staging strategy for your most-likely buyers.

Her proprietary 8-step design process ensures top-notch results with an eye for design that is unmatched. Davina Hughes is the premier choice for home staging in Hampton Roads.

Every listing looking its best should be a non-negotiable. After all, staging is more affordable than a price reduction.
2019 NAR Profile of Home Staging Report

Over 94% of “Buyer’s Agents” say that staging has at least some effect on the buyer’s view of the home.
Almost half (44%) of Seller’s Agents believe the staging increased the value of the home 6-20%
Over 83% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it's staged.
Absolutely NO (0%) of Seller’s Agents believe that staging has a negative impact on the value of the home.


Show buyers a home that they will have zero trouble visualizing themselves in. Davina has a full inventory of up-to-date furniture, fixtures, and accessories to transform your vacant listing into your buyer’s next dream home.

Schedule a free on-site quote today.
"Every listing looking its best should be a non-negotiable."
"Every listing looking its best should be a non-negotiable."
Have an occupied listing that needs to made show ready? Davina Hughes can get the job done in style!
"Davina's design process ensures top-notch results..."
"Davina's design process guarantees top-notch results..."
- Free phone consult to hear your specific needs/concerns
- Unique 8-step design analysis process
- Full interior & exterior Staging Report specific to your listing which includes:
  • Step-by-step action items.
  • Recommended furniture arrangement and flow.
  • ​How to declutter, de-personalize, and optimize each space.
  • ​How to bring attention to high-value assets by highlighting key architectural features.
  • ​Best lighting, window treatment, and accessory arrangement.
  • ​Tips to improve curb appeal for best first-impression response.
  • ​Suggested color, texture, and lifestyle cues to invoke emotional connection.
  • ​List of optional purchase items complete with an exclusive vendor list to maximize the finished product look & feel.
  • Make sure no item/detail is missed in the Staging Report with a hands-on follow-up appointment. (+$100)
  • ​MLS professional digital photos to complete your electronic listing. (+$250)
"Staging is way more affordable than a price reduction."
"Staging is way more affordable than a price reduction."


I run a few businesses here in Hampton Roads, Virginia that were born completely out of a dream I didn’t know could ever come to life. But by the Lord’s grace, timing, and favor, it has truly come to be.

In 2007, I began my career in Real Estate by selling for a new homes builder in my then hometown of Mobile, Alabama. In that season, I developed and sharpened my real estate skills, started getting exposure in interior design, and gained much needed confidence in entrepreneurship & myself.

A couple years later, due to family growth, I made the tough decision to pause my real estate career and focus my attention fully on the needs of my own home. Fortunately, this break from my business & career was not for forever.

Things began to really shift over the eight years that followed. I had moved several thousand miles, doubled my family size, and still managed to exercise my love for entrepreneurship by creating a homeschool co-op that included all four my boys. It was very meaningful for me to be able to start a business while being a “stay-at-home mom.” It was a dream scenario for that season in my life and I, honestly, would still be in that position if it wasn’t for a series of unforeseen events that occurred in early 2017.

The transition that came next all began with an unexpected feeling that I should resign from my homeschool co-op. Then one night, a few weeks later, I had a dream that in the future I would have four different businesses & income streams that would all begin to be birthed once I stopped what I was currently doing and picked my real estate career back up. So, feeling confident that God was guiding me into transition, I did just that. I quit the co-op and through a series of divine encounters I found my way back into the world of real estate and doors started to open for my design business. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are! To think that a few of my deepest desires and a few crazy dreams would ever come to fruition is unbelievable to say the least. I absolutely love transforming spaces to feel like a home. Many guests in my own home have remarked about how beautiful and peaceful it is, and now I love that I get to empower others to transform their own spaces, elevating the look and feel, into the home of their dreams. When it comes to staging homes for sale or designing AirBnB properties, my enjoyment comes from being able to make people feel at home when a house is not their home, which definitively affects the profitability of both of those scenarios.

I offer design consulting & strategy services for residence, for-sale, & Airbnb properties, as well as residence and for-sale renovation projects. Please contact me before you get started so we can discuss how to build a customized and in-depth plan for your unique project or listing.

Jessica Brown is a Home Stage and Re-designer who has recently expanded her many talents to include real estate. Although this is a new journey for her, few are more qualified or passionate to help you find your new home. For years she has designed her own home and it became a form of therapy to normalize the comfortable space her family inhabited. However, she did not keep her natural abilities to herself. When others discovered her gift she began decorating other's houses so that they too could find peace, tranquility, and relaxation in their space.

Jessica is a native of the area and finds great importance in serving her community. She is not only thoughtful and considerate of clients wants and needs but also immeasurably motivated to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. Her skills of communicating, educating, and negotiating will ensure all you have imagined is clearly understood and attainable.

Before pursuing realty full-time, Jessica worked as a Senior Account Specialist in Colorado Spring Utilities for seven years, specializing in commercial and residential property management. She also worked as Project Manager/Inspector for Lowe’s Home Improvement Installation Team for ten years and worked on the Import Logistics Team at Stihl for three years. She is also a military spouse and mother to two children. Her daughter is a rising freshman at the University of Miami and her son is a rising sophomore here in Virginia Beach. 

Jessica has one main focus when she meets with clients; to not only help them find a house but to help them make it a home, what she calls, Shifting Atmospheres: One home at a time. So, let her connect your greatest vision with reality today.
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